Pharmaceutical packaging

5 important properties of Pharmaceutical packaging:

Material qualities that increase shelf-life of the product

100% Seal

Water and air-impenetrable


Ensuring the stability of structure, taste and smell of the product


Attractive appearance and durable material


Light-proof properties (for dairy products in particular)

We offer manufacturing classic olls of branded foil for tablet blisters, as well as multilayer materials for powder sachets and tablets. Complex packaging materials for this industry may consist of foil, paper, special adhesives and polyethylene, and comply with all requirements for storage of medical products.

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According to research data, 64% of people would purchase a product of unfamiliar brand simply if it has beautiful packaging.
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Studies also show that purchase decisions are affected by 27% through TV advertising, by 31% - through recommendations and, highest, by 37% through the packaging.
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